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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make it

Make it last

Seek more than cash

Don’t go to fast

Fulfill all your life’s tasks

Made to last

Release the past

Stop allowing dream killers to trespass

Give your purpose enough gas

Definitely make it last

Until your destiny’s come to pass

Until you’re no longer looking at other’s grass

You’re made to last

You’re meant to bask

A nourishing strong bast

With a strong supporting cast

You can make it, you’re built to last

Friday, July 12, 2013


Please explain

Lord why all the pain

Is there another way to gain?

My heart is dismayed

Feels like I’m running out of aid


I can’t explain

Exhausted from the game

Angry with the lame

It’s a shame

But I don’t want to be the sacrificial Dame

Please explain

I’m on my way

A little off my game

Still fit to play

Tired of the pain

But I’ll redeem the day

Got to get the gain

So I will pay

To get the latter rain

I know…YOU’VE already explained…