Thursday, February 14, 2013

Which side

What side are you on?
I pick the strong
The weak live in fear all year long
Replaying over & over the same sad song

Which side are you on?
I choose the strong
Among the meek is where I belong
They have the winning song

Whose side are you on?
I hope it's the strong
They have purpose that drives them all year long
Their hearts are forever young

What side are you on?
I'm with the strong
They produce the best air for my lungs
They're my pre-destined chosen ones

I know which side I'm on
I will forever choose the strong
They carry my heart's song
With them I know I've already won
So whose side are you on the weak or the strong?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


A fallacy
Fairy tale policies
A fantasy
Desiring to make us believe
Life's secret

Without reason
No need for treason
No need to seek it
It'll crush & bring you to your needs
All for something make belief
The secret

Open & free
So not discreet
Dwelling among thee
Available to all who can see
All who can just Be

So you see
It's not out there but in me
Hard wired in my DNA since the beginning of eternity
No secret, just ME...