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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The brow

Work of my brow got me down again
Rustling and bustling my skin
Looking for a new beginning
Patsying me out of my wins
You again

It used to be calm & deep
Now I look at you regretfully
Restrained me and chained me
Gruesome difficulty
Miss Thang told me you was the one for me
The ode to my belly
Oddly fit 2gether like Regis & Kelly
Head swelling
From all the stressing
Brow got the best of me
Crying incessantly
Success me
Indulge me for a second please

Oh work of my brow you win
Taking me and my buddy serenity
In search of our heart’s destiny
I bid you farewell unapologetically
On to explore the green of tranquility…

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keep up

Call preparation, not luck
No need to cluck
Acknowledge the muck
Keep up

Improve the run
Service your guns
Dream till it weighs a ton
Haters can't keep up
Shut the nay-sayers up
Expose their bluff
Get a lil rough
Keep up

Know your stuff
Forge & fortify your troughs
Chart your own course
Keep up

Navigate your gulf
Strengthen your ports
Empower your fort
Always keep up

Take more than enough
Kill the fear re-runs
Coat your back with teflon
That your years may be long
Keep hope strong
Tell the coroner when you're done
Keep up till the works all gone

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dress

But not professed
Your crusades are a success
A mess
Underneath your dainty or form fitted dress
The internal unrest
Flee spiritual distress
Yet not depressed
You confess…

Thursday, January 3, 2013

God's plans won't harm

God’s plans don’t harm
So I can take comfort in his arms

His way may seem strange
But with him it’s safe
For my dreams to come out and play
He won’t treat me like a stray
His loving plans are here to stay

His plans won’t harm me
It’s like joining the army
I can be all that I can be
Its me he truly sees
In spite of my faults and failures
He still extends me mercy
And fills my life with good treasure
And pleasure

He wants to befriend me throughout eternity
I know within my heart God’s plans won’t harm me…