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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Queen Bee

Here, aware of her calling
Something greater
Here & now, not later

Smooth as a gentle breeze
Radiating regalness with ease
Exuding self respect like the air she breathes

She holds the key
Bringing love to its knees
Her words kisses the ear softly

Dynamic Goddess with liberty
Swelling with generosity
Covered in prosperity

With unparalled beauty
Leaves one guessing…and, captivated
How might I get a glimpse of this Queen Bee…

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Profitable dealings

Needs to add
Disdain for fads
Please can the old hags

The deal
Has to add
Not trying to brag
No more time to be sad

Deals need to make one glad
More good than bad
Producing pure green grass
Not a tinkling cymbal or sounding brass
More than my fair share of those I’ve had

Must add
Profits iron clad
Never making one mad
Only deals that add…

Thursday, December 13, 2012


In Him I glide
He'll be by your side
The one true Guide

Release it & He'll take you high
Roll with Him & you'll never die
The great & mighty Guide

Into Him & life will never pass you by
In His love, then you'll see through His eyes
The gracious Guide

Let fear subside
And you'll only know His warm light
Embrace the sky
You were made to take flight
The majestic Guide

Full of surprise
Full of delight
The only way to thrive
Never plotting your demise
Let Him be your Guide

You'll feel so alive
All things become electrified!