Thursday, November 29, 2012


Gimme my cheese
You’re beyond belief
I’m sick of the sleaze
My courage can’t freeze
I don’t have the panic disease
I bring relief
So give me my cheese

I cause fear to sneeze
Bringing hope irritation from the scalp to the soles of your feet
Making cynics buckle at the knee
I’m the relief
I manage my own cheese

No ambiguity in between
Clear about destiny
Lucid on who I’m to be
He made me the relief
He designated my cheese

The resistance doesn’t frighten me
I quench hateful darts happily
I counter attack back biting missiles consistently
I’m free of the resistance, I’m the promised relief
And taking my cheese….

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Nothing to say
Get out of my way
I’m redeeming the day
Doing it afraid
Relentless anyway
The rain hasn’t gone away
Nothing more to say

I pray
I wait
I take
I grace

Get out of my way
Redeeming the day
Relentless lady
Nothing more to say
Getting it done anyway
Here to stay
I command the day…

Thursday, November 15, 2012

the good life

The good life
By: SL Wells

Can life be sweet?
Nice, smooth & comfy
People just being lovely
A permanent retreat
I mean really can life just be sweet

A luxurious cruise
Where you don’t get screwed
Nor have to deal with the rude
Or the belligerent or shrewd
No fears of being sued
Can it just be sweet?

Smiles & giggles
Soft tender tickles
People dancing to fiddles
No lame, blind, crazies or crippled
Just sweet like Johnny Appleseeds
Or like playing hop scotch or jacks
Or when you bought a box of cracker jacks
And won a bowling bat pronounced (bola bat)
Maybe I just want some sweets


Life is as sweet as I want it to be
The level of sugar in it is up to me
If life aint sweet
Perhaps your mind is still not free
Or you just haven’t decided to be…

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Turn on the light
Put on your best smile
Train with all your might
Success rewards the best sky miles

Perseverance is the style
Focus is the best behaved child
Maturing fast so victory can run wild
And later join the conqueror’s pile

Grip tight
Readjust your light
Strengthen your bite
Prevailing is your size
Drop the dead weight & re-strike

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Flying and crying
Feels like dying
Feels like birthing
All applying

Perpendicular causes
Seeking admission
Demanding permission
To paralyze my intuition

Flying and crying
Tastes like my favorite wine
Looks like my pristine pines
Feels like mine
Feels like mine

Feels like mine
Fused to the spine
Flying and crying
Birthing and dying
All the time…