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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Wisp me away
I am not afraid

Take me away
To my destined place

Let’s get carried away
And ascend to higher praise

Push me away
That I may behold better days

Go away
I want to play

Keep away
I’ll discover the way

Now come away
I know what to say

Let’s get away
I found the perfect play place & way Today…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love it

It’s enough that I love it
Nothing else above it
Another’s affection is not more important
My heart leaped forward
My soul moved toward it
Don’t need another’s fondness
I love it

My affections reign supreme
Cultivating dreams
Kicking up the heat
Catapulting lightning fast speeds
No one to compete
Alls left is me

Visionary extremes
Enough love to be
Setting brilliance free
Enough love to be
Proclaiming the year of jubilee
Enough love to be

Re-aligning galaxies
Re-arranging destinies
Perpetual manifesting
Pure lovely

Enough love to be
Enough that it’s me

Enough that I love it openly
Enough that I love it intently
Enough that I love it authentically

Enough that I love it
Enough that I love it
It’s enough that I love it
My love is enough
I am enough

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Try joy

Try joy instead of lost hope
Let love be your rope
Try joy instead of the urge to destroy
Let patience be your toy
Try joy

Try joy instead of self-deceit
Let it lead you to the path of the free
Try joy instead of weeping
Let it put you in the way of peace
Try joy

Try joy if you want peace
Try joy if you want relief
Try joy if you want to be free
Try joy

Try joy & broaden your scope
Try joy & gain more hope
Try joy & you’ll master life’s slopes
Try joy & you can have the egg & the yolk
Try joy

It’ll give you the divine protective coat

Friday, October 5, 2012


I is who I is
So you be who you be
Offspring of a verb
I am that I am
Confining me is absurd

My is-ness
Is justice
Mistaken purpose
Futile interruptions
In classified business

I is who I is
Go be who you be
Stop purposing through me
Projecting and deflecting
Containing and blaming

Lack luster
A certified busta

I is who I is
So be who you be

I’m free
At peace
Full of beauty
Birthed in divinity
I see
I be
I is me…