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Thursday, September 27, 2012

the rain sent them all away

It was quiet in my shed
Their voices were dead
“Finally” I said
No more voices in my head
A pause from breaking bread
Pure silence instead
The rain issued a code red

They all scurried & fled
No noise to fill my bed
No more dread
Just peace instead
Clarity in my head
Tranquility was fed
When the rain made them spread

They were scared
I had flared
Looked to despair
But then I cared
The rain had spared
So relief could be inhaled
Serenity exhaled

Because the rain sent them all away
Now I can pray
Present & here to stay…

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Closed gate

Close the gate
Decide which way
Know what to take
Choose your own fate

Close the gate
Expose the fake
Stay awake
Always create

Close the gate
Don’t be afraid
Forget about the raids
Never mind the lack of praise

Just close the gate
Follow the divine way
Your soul knows what to take
Your spirit knows what to pray
Eternal bliss you can partake…

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Don’t forget
Keep your dreams wet
With hope & commitment
Weed out regret
Let down your faith nets
Anticipating your greatest catch
Don’t forget

Build your set
Fortify your inlet
Choose your own projects to pet
Give what you hope to get
Don’t forget

Develop your nest
Kill the pests
Enjoy your forest
Fill your chest
And never forget

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Play nice

Yeah right
When at night
I’m way too bright
My dreams are more than nice
I’m not shrinking for your comfort so man take a hike

I feed on the light
Refuse to lose sight
Seeking higher heights
Fighting a stronger Fight
Consulting the wise
No time to play nice

Boarded my dream flight
Embracing the high
Keeping my vision nigh
Tying my courage tie
Draping joy over my sides
Now I can sigh
I don’t have to play nice

Enjoying my divine ride
Pulling hope from my sweet hive
Infused with heavenly pride
So no I’m not playing nice