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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Heeding the call
Risking the fall
Challenging the tall
Victories befall
The often time under dog

Surpass the fret
No regret
Peace’s pet
A fortified inlet

Destroy the bond
Command the pond
Reach far & beyond
You’re the one
Yield the run…

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Kut the caboose that jails your pain
Kut the caboose that fuels your shame
Kut the caboose that defrauded your game
Kut the caboose that desecrated your name
Kut the caboose

Kut the caboose of past fears
Kut the caboose of past tears
Kut the caboose carrying depressive years
Kut the caboose

Kut the caboose that jails you from the Here
Kut the caboose that keeps you from drawing near
Kut the caboose of pride
Kut the caboose of degenerative ties
Kut the caboose surrounded by flies

Kut it to thrive
Kut it to fly
Kut it to dive

Keep the caboose that lights up your eyes
Keep the caboose that fuels your fire
Keep the caboose that ignites passion & desire

Kut & keep
It’s the only way to enjoy the present Sweet

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In awe of YOU!

Your splendor & majesty
Minimizes tragedies
Glad you rule, rest & abide
In the places hidden deep inside

You kiss my breath
And shine your light
Remove the sting of death
And all anxiety
An un-paralled divine variety
The heartbeat of society
Giving peaceful rest at night

An array of unseen colors
Loving deeper than a mother
Harmonious blend of sound & lights
Greater than any imaginable thing in this life
I stand in my earthly cradle Papa
Gazing into heaven in holy awe of You…