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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I hope for better days
Today I see better days

Today I hope for more praise
Today I seek to give heavenly praise

Today I hope for more time to pray
Today I bend my heart to pray

Today I hope to jump waves
Today I enjoy the art of waving

Today I hope to pave the way
Today I walk in the way that was paved

Today I hope for the love of my soul mate
Today I’m thankful for those who stayed

Today I hope to receive a Hawaiian lay
Today I lay & enjoy the price that was paid

Today I hope for joy to raise
Today I’m thankful for the lifestyle raise

Today I hope for consistent upgrades
Today I’m grateful to be an upgrade

Today I prayed
Today I stayed
Today I waved
Today I paved
Today I’m raised

Today is truly a better day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

El – Shaddai

Too much to store
So much to explore
Impossible to ignore

Exceedingly tough

Substantial substance

No fluff
Never rough
Just plain ole more than enough
Nothing to construct
Just love
Peacefully poised

My cup
My touch
My enough…

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foggy beautiful

Thick cover
Illuminating beneath

Fleeting lover
Precious reef

Cloudy & somber
Bestowing relief

Way over yonder
Decadent treat

Deep plunder
Regal & unique

White noise wonder
Eternal bequeath

Perpetual ponder
Endless retreat

Bottomless tundra
Light & free

Leading asunder
Exquisite beauty

Quietly taking light under…

Thursday, May 10, 2012

He touched my mouth

He touched my mouth with his presence
And removed all my transgressions

He filled it with affection
My lips and tongue was arrested
And immediately became his possession
Now his presence has become an obsession

He looked beyond my first impression
And feeds me daily life lessons
His affection is my protection
I don’t need my own weapons

His joy is my currency in a recession
His love is my unwavering blessing
To him my mouth now yields its confessions

In love he filled it with his presence
And blotted out all its transgressions…

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vital necessity

Like a heart needs blood
So my soul needs, You
Like cells need oxygen
So my spirit depends, on You

Like lungs need air
So my mind breathes in You
Like a damsel in despair
So my life is, without You
Like a child without worldly cares
So my trust is, within You

Like a car needs oil
So my joy relies, upon You
Like a fish needs water
So my thirst is, after You

Like a moth to a flame
So my hope is, to You. Sire
My daily fire
My burning desire
The One who never tires

My breath
My growth
My flow
My fix
My need
My vast deep sea
Always pumping me
Eternally caring for His seed…He picked Me…relief…