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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Rising & applying
Shunning & stunning
Riding & gliding
Gunning & running

Still rising & applying
Sifting & lifting
Raising & praising
Laughing & loving
Giving & showing
Reaching & growing

Yet rising & shining
Rising & supplying
Rising & surprising
Rising & guiding
Rising & smiling
Always rising & applying
And still providing…

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Nothing to say
Get out of my way
I’m redeeming the day
Doing it afraid
Relentless anyway
The rain hasn’t gone away
Nothing more to say

I pray
I wait
I take
I grace

Get out of my way
Redeeming the day
Relentless lady
Nothing more to say
Getting it done anyway
Here to stay
I command the day…

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Star Skies

I feel like a star
Hung delicately in the sky
Picture perfect
Glowing divine purpose
Collecting tears from eyes

I know I’m a star
Conducting masterful music in the sky
Guiding you through losses
Dismantling pride

A star
Destined & freed
Knowing & showing
Art in the sky

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I choose

I choose
Not you
I choose
What to eat say & do
Who the heck are you?
To always throw your 2 cents in too

I choose
Which way
I choose
To stay
I choose
My play
I choose
My cake
And yes I expect to eat it
I mean really is there another purpose for cake
Trust me today is not the day

Better yet no day will ever be the day again
Being tossed to and fro like the wind
Got me running from pillar to post chasing ends
I choose
Not you

No longer bound by what you want me to do
I choose
Not you
So take your 2 cents and buy a clue
I’m tired of listening
To You, You & sho-nuff YOU
If ya didn’t know, now ya do
You aint got to ask nobody, I’m telling you
I choose!