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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peace in the Desert

Scorching hot land
Once filled with cooling waters
Now only beautiful gold sand
Runs abundantly through my hands

Discovering your new found treasure
Hmm… what a pleasure
There is peace in the desert

Searching for new forms of life
Never mind all the strife

Discovering more depth in you
Behold there’s something new
A peace
A stillness you never knew
Woven into every genetic fiber within you

There’s adventure in the unknown
New possibilities in places you’ve never gone
An abundance you’ve never known
A harvest where you haven’t sown…

Peace within a desert storm
Peace in a new norm
Peace where you belong
Peace in the storm
Peace in the new norm
Peace in the desert

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am here
Overcame fear
Directing the year

I’m here
Diving into the clear
Surpassing piers
Dark, strong & fierce

I am here
Wearing victory veneers
I pierce
Favored & near
Closed doors I jeer

I am here
Fortified with cheer
Victor of the year
Heavenly career
The slayer of fear
Like black diamonds, impenetrable & fierce