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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Queen Bee

Here, aware of her calling
Something greater
Here & now, not later

Smooth as a gentle breeze
Radiating regalness with ease
Exuding self respect like the air she breathes

She holds the key
Bringing love to its knees
Her words kisses the ear softly

Dynamic Goddess with liberty
Swelling with generosity
Covered in prosperity

With unparalled beauty
Leaves one guessing…and, captivated
How might I get a glimpse of this Queen Bee…

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Profitable dealings

Needs to add
Disdain for fads
Please can the old hags

The deal
Has to add
Not trying to brag
No more time to be sad

Deals need to make one glad
More good than bad
Producing pure green grass
Not a tinkling cymbal or sounding brass
More than my fair share of those I’ve had

Must add
Profits iron clad
Never making one mad
Only deals that add…

Thursday, December 13, 2012


In Him I glide
He'll be by your side
The one true Guide

Release it & He'll take you high
Roll with Him & you'll never die
The great & mighty Guide

Into Him & life will never pass you by
In His love, then you'll see through His eyes
The gracious Guide

Let fear subside
And you'll only know His warm light
Embrace the sky
You were made to take flight
The majestic Guide

Full of surprise
Full of delight
The only way to thrive
Never plotting your demise
Let Him be your Guide

You'll feel so alive
All things become electrified!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Gimme my cheese
You’re beyond belief
I’m sick of the sleaze
My courage can’t freeze
I don’t have the panic disease
I bring relief
So give me my cheese

I cause fear to sneeze
Bringing hope irritation from the scalp to the soles of your feet
Making cynics buckle at the knee
I’m the relief
I manage my own cheese

No ambiguity in between
Clear about destiny
Lucid on who I’m to be
He made me the relief
He designated my cheese

The resistance doesn’t frighten me
I quench hateful darts happily
I counter attack back biting missiles consistently
I’m free of the resistance, I’m the promised relief
And taking my cheese….

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Nothing to say
Get out of my way
I’m redeeming the day
Doing it afraid
Relentless anyway
The rain hasn’t gone away
Nothing more to say

I pray
I wait
I take
I grace

Get out of my way
Redeeming the day
Relentless lady
Nothing more to say
Getting it done anyway
Here to stay
I command the day…

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Turn on the light
Put on your best smile
Train with all your might
Success rewards the best sky miles

Perseverance is the style
Focus is the best behaved child
Maturing fast so victory can run wild
And later join the conqueror’s pile

Grip tight
Readjust your light
Strengthen your bite
Prevailing is your size
Drop the dead weight & re-strike

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Flying and crying
Feels like dying
Feels like birthing
All applying

Perpendicular causes
Seeking admission
Demanding permission
To paralyze my intuition

Flying and crying
Tastes like my favorite wine
Looks like my pristine pines
Feels like mine
Feels like mine

Feels like mine
Fused to the spine
Flying and crying
Birthing and dying
All the time…

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Wisp me away
I am not afraid

Take me away
To my destined place

Let’s get carried away
And ascend to higher praise

Push me away
That I may behold better days

Go away
I want to play

Keep away
I’ll discover the way

Now come away
I know what to say

Let’s get away
I found the perfect play place & way Today…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love it

It’s enough that I love it
Nothing else above it
Another’s affection is not more important
My heart leaped forward
My soul moved toward it
Don’t need another’s fondness
I love it

My affections reign supreme
Cultivating dreams
Kicking up the heat
Catapulting lightning fast speeds
No one to compete
Alls left is me

Visionary extremes
Enough love to be
Setting brilliance free
Enough love to be
Proclaiming the year of jubilee
Enough love to be

Re-aligning galaxies
Re-arranging destinies
Perpetual manifesting
Pure lovely

Enough love to be
Enough that it’s me

Enough that I love it openly
Enough that I love it intently
Enough that I love it authentically

Enough that I love it
Enough that I love it
It’s enough that I love it
My love is enough
I am enough

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Try joy

Try joy instead of lost hope
Let love be your rope
Try joy instead of the urge to destroy
Let patience be your toy
Try joy

Try joy instead of self-deceit
Let it lead you to the path of the free
Try joy instead of weeping
Let it put you in the way of peace
Try joy

Try joy if you want peace
Try joy if you want relief
Try joy if you want to be free
Try joy

Try joy & broaden your scope
Try joy & gain more hope
Try joy & you’ll master life’s slopes
Try joy & you can have the egg & the yolk
Try joy

It’ll give you the divine protective coat

Thursday, September 27, 2012

the rain sent them all away

It was quiet in my shed
Their voices were dead
“Finally” I said
No more voices in my head
A pause from breaking bread
Pure silence instead
The rain issued a code red

They all scurried & fled
No noise to fill my bed
No more dread
Just peace instead
Clarity in my head
Tranquility was fed
When the rain made them spread

They were scared
I had flared
Looked to despair
But then I cared
The rain had spared
So relief could be inhaled
Serenity exhaled

Because the rain sent them all away
Now I can pray
Present & here to stay…

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Closed gate

Close the gate
Decide which way
Know what to take
Choose your own fate

Close the gate
Expose the fake
Stay awake
Always create

Close the gate
Don’t be afraid
Forget about the raids
Never mind the lack of praise

Just close the gate
Follow the divine way
Your soul knows what to take
Your spirit knows what to pray
Eternal bliss you can partake…

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Don’t forget
Keep your dreams wet
With hope & commitment
Weed out regret
Let down your faith nets
Anticipating your greatest catch
Don’t forget

Build your set
Fortify your inlet
Choose your own projects to pet
Give what you hope to get
Don’t forget

Develop your nest
Kill the pests
Enjoy your forest
Fill your chest
And never forget

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Play nice

Yeah right
When at night
I’m way too bright
My dreams are more than nice
I’m not shrinking for your comfort so man take a hike

I feed on the light
Refuse to lose sight
Seeking higher heights
Fighting a stronger Fight
Consulting the wise
No time to play nice

Boarded my dream flight
Embracing the high
Keeping my vision nigh
Tying my courage tie
Draping joy over my sides
Now I can sigh
I don’t have to play nice

Enjoying my divine ride
Pulling hope from my sweet hive
Infused with heavenly pride
So no I’m not playing nice

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check It

If it aint progressing
You need to check it

If it aint a blessing
Hold up a second
You may need to check it

If it aint purely serving
You definitely need to check it

Check pride
Check why you tired

Check inside
Check why you stuck in a low tide

Check your ride
Check why it’s jerking instead of a smooth glide

Check your stride
Check why it’s leaning on 1 side
Check it

Check for success
Check for the opportunity to bless
Check for progress
And you’ll enjoy the rest

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goddess like

Goddess like
And serene
Goddess like
And clean
Goddess like
In dreams
Goddess like
And extreme
Like a Goddess
Reigning supreme
Like a Goddess
Always in full swing…

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Home

Where I belong
New song
Skipping along
Penning a new psalm
Life in my palms
Peace in my lungs
Beaming towards home…

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect in every way

 My sweet little darling
Your love is never far
To see your face
To know your embrace
Empowers me to conquer another day
Perfect in every way

You are my sunshine
Even when you complain & whine
You are my sign
That reminds me that I’m loved
From my heavenly father above
It takes my breath away
When I watch you play
What a blessing

Seeing a smile upon your face
I think to myself, simply perfect in every way
Enveloped by your energy
In awe of your beauty
Motivated, how lovely
Impressed by how friendly
Ensnared by simplicity
Sweet purity
Innocence & serenity
So dear to me
Hopelessly jolly
You my love are perfect in every way…

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Make me

Make me want to quit
You can’t because I have IT

Make me want to stop
You can’t because I’ve seen the mountain top

Just try and make me give up
It will only make me greater develop

Make me want to halt
I’ll wage a full on dream preservation assault

Make me want to throw in the towel
I’ll escape with all the power

Just try & make me give in
And I’ll deliver the win

Try & make me buckle under pressure
And I’ll master inclement weather
I’ll pull together
And only get better
And enjoy endless pleasure
I’ll discover the treasure
Make rain in a desert
Infinite successful measures…

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Heeding the call
Risking the fall
Challenging the tall
Victories befall
The often time under dog

Surpass the fret
No regret
Peace’s pet
A fortified inlet

Destroy the bond
Command the pond
Reach far & beyond
You’re the one
Yield the run…

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Kut the caboose that jails your pain
Kut the caboose that fuels your shame
Kut the caboose that defrauded your game
Kut the caboose that desecrated your name
Kut the caboose

Kut the caboose of past fears
Kut the caboose of past tears
Kut the caboose carrying depressive years
Kut the caboose

Kut the caboose that jails you from the Here
Kut the caboose that keeps you from drawing near
Kut the caboose of pride
Kut the caboose of degenerative ties
Kut the caboose surrounded by flies

Kut it to thrive
Kut it to fly
Kut it to dive

Keep the caboose that lights up your eyes
Keep the caboose that fuels your fire
Keep the caboose that ignites passion & desire

Kut & keep
It’s the only way to enjoy the present Sweet

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In awe of YOU!

Your splendor & majesty
Minimizes tragedies
Glad you rule, rest & abide
In the places hidden deep inside

You kiss my breath
And shine your light
Remove the sting of death
And all anxiety
An un-paralled divine variety
The heartbeat of society
Giving peaceful rest at night

An array of unseen colors
Loving deeper than a mother
Harmonious blend of sound & lights
Greater than any imaginable thing in this life
I stand in my earthly cradle Papa
Gazing into heaven in holy awe of You…

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let Go

Letting go of what’s cold
Letting go of being froze
Frozen by fears
Frozen by tears
Frozen for years
Soo letting go

Letting go of peers
Letting go egoic cheers
No longer slaughtering deers
Embodying what’s real
Breathing to feel
Tender and dear
A new year
Let go

Let go of the past
Let go of trash
Let  go of the past
Let go of the kill
Let go of ill-wills
Strike a new deal
Be a new zeal…