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Friday, November 9, 2018


I is who I is
So you be who you be
Offspring of a verb
I am that I am
Confining me is absurd

My is-ness
Is justice
Mistaken purpose
Futile interruptions
In classified business

I is who I is
Go be who you be
Stop purposing through me
Projecting and deflecting
Containing and blaming

Lack luster
A certified busta

I is who I is
So be who you be

I’m free
At peace
Full of beauty
Birthed in divinity
I see
I be
I is me…

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Swallowed the pill
Ran the mill

Ran uphill
Attacked when it was still
I had the will

No more hope spilled
No more dream yields
No longer accepting counterfeit Bills
I got the will

Causing fear to squeal
Making haters trill
Even the hypocrites have had their feel
The Law of Resistance couldn’t even repeal
Bad news Bettys even lost their will

It was fulfilled
Vision they couldn’t steal
Despair lost its appeal
I simply willed

By having a fixed gaze upon the Divine Hill

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Life Management F.I.T. life conference call series 1st Wednesdays

Empowered Girls Network
Monthly conference call Wednesday 9/5/18 at 9p

All Middle & High School Girls welcome!
This month's theme is the "Inspired life" for girls as we discuss the I in the F.I.T. life series with our special guest Wilda Isaac.  
Remaining Conference calls 2018: 9/5, 10/3, 11/7 & 12/5

Start Time: 9p
End Time:9:45p
Empowered Girl pledge
Email or Text 305-792-8847 for more information or to join our email list.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Slay despair
Take captive the rare
Launch counter Intel
For success to propel
Notice the unfair
Do not pitch a tent there

Build an indestructible pair
Of evangelistic care bears
To promote & protect your precious pears
Notice the unfair
But do not stop there

Send fear running scared
Rip, shred & tear
All obstacles between your “there”
To fully command your air
Notice the unfair
But never plant your feet there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

the good life

the good life
By: SL Wells

Can life be sweet?
Nice, smooth & comfy
People just being lovely
A permanent retreat
I mean really can life just be sweet

A luxurious cruise
Where you don’t get screwed
Nor have to deal with the rude
Or the belligerent or shrewd
No fears of being sued
Can it just be sweet?

Smiles & giggles
Soft tender tickles
People dancing to fiddles
No lame, blind, crazies or crippled
Just sweet like Johnny Appleseeds
Or like playing hop scotch or jacks
Or when you bought a box of cracker jacks
And won a bowling bat pronounced (bola bat)
Maybe I just want some sweets


 Life is as sweet as I want it to be
The level of sugar in it is up to me
If life aint sweet
Perhaps your mind is still not free
Or you just haven’t decided to be…

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Which side

What side are you on?
I pick the strong
The weak live in fear all year long
Replaying over & over the same sad song

Which side are you on?
I choose the strong
Among the meek is where I belong
They have the winning song

Whose side are you on?
I hope it's the strong
They have purpose that drives them all year long
Their hearts are forever young

What side are you on?
I'm with the strong
They produce the best air for my lungs
They're my pre-destined chosen ones

I know which side I'm on
I will forever choose the strong
They carry my heart's song
With them I know I've already won
So whose side are you on the weak or the strong?